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Asbestos was used for decades in construction and shipbuilding. If you or someone close to you has worked as a drywaller, pipefitter, or in the Navy, you may have been exposed to harmful asbestos fibers. Learn more >

Mesothelioma is a deadly, elusive cancer caused by exposure to asbestos. We provide free resources to help you understand diagnosis, treatment, and more. Learn more >

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First Steps to Filing Suit

Discovery is the process of finding out who is responsible for your injuries, and determining the extent of those injuries. Since asbestos-related diseases like mesothelioma take so many years to develop, it can take some time to unravel the mystery and find out who is responsible.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as flipping the pages of a novel. Determining whether you have a case and whether the companies you worked for are still in business, or whether their successor companies can be sued instead, takes a lot of hard work. Williams Hart’s mesothelioma lawyers know what you and your family are going through and can help you through each step. We’ve helped thousands of clients with lawsuits. We have the expertise needed to dig deep and find out who’s responsible for your injuries.

The first step to filing an asbestos-related lawsuit is signing on with our firm, where you will work with our dedicated group of experienced mesothelioma lawyers. If you prefer one of our lawyers in particular, then he or she will probably be your primary attorney, but our entire team of experienced mesothelioma attorneys and legal assistants will be there to back them up.

Work history

Our attorneys will first take your work history, in much the same way your doctor did, to determine your exposure to asbestos. Your work history is crucial, which is why it’s important to approach our mesothelioma lawyers as soon as you’ve been diagnosed with mesothelioma. It takes time to obtain all the information we need to help you and your loved ones seek compensation for your injuries, and you are the one person who best knows your own work history.

This doesn’t mean that all is lost if you are filing a lawsuit on behalf of a loved one who has died from an asbestos-related disease. There are records that prove where someone worked and whether they worked with asbestos; collecting those records is the second step.

Medical & social security records

Next come medical records. Because of all of the paperwork involved, it can take up to six months to gather all of the medical records of the patient’s treatment. These records will be reviewed by a mesothelioma expert. Usually, the expert who reviews the records is a pathologist, someone who is trained to diagnose asbestos mesothelioma and who will be able to explain the disease and its connection to asbestos exposure to a jury, should your case go to trial. The expert will compile a report to help us in preparing your case.

While we’re gathering your medical records and having them reviewed by an expert, we will also order your social security records. These will prove your work history, going back to the time you began working. It’s important to be able to prove that you worked for companies that mined asbestos, manufactured products with asbestos in them, or used asbestos-containing products in a trade or construction. If you’re the spouse of someone who worked with asbestos and you developed mesothelioma from the fibers he brought home on his clothing, we will obtain your spouse’s work records.

The decision to file suit

Only when we have all the pieces in place – we know when and where you were exposed to asbestos, what your diagnosis is, and who the culprits were – will we be ready to determine if it’s appropriate to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Williams Hart takes cases on a contingency fee basis. This means we do not charge our clients by the hour for legal representation. Williams Hart only gets paid its fees and costs when a recovery is made in your case. Court costs, litigation expenses, and medical bills are paid from your share of the recovery. If there is no recovery, you will not be responsible for any court costs or litigation expenses, except for unpaid medical bills.

Williams Hart handles cases nationwide

Even though we are based in Texas, we have a national practice. Our team of knowledgeable mesothelioma attorneys is equipped to handle cases in many states across the country. Our experienced asbestos mesothelioma attorneys have won substantial verdicts for mesothelioma victims in Illinois, Missouri, and Oklahoma.

The best way for you to find out whether we can handle a mesothelioma lawsuit for you is for you to contact us. The decision as to where you can bring an action to recover damages for your injuries arising from asbestos exposure depends on many factors. Where you live, where you were exposed to asbestos, or where the potential target defendants are located all affect where you can bring a lawsuit. Depending on the state, the laws governing your right to sue and recover damages for your injuries vary significantly. We have experience across the country, and our knowledgeable mesothelioma attorneys are available to discuss your options.

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