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Canadian Parliament Issues Asbestos Warning

Two New Democrat Party (NDP) Members of Parliament (MPs) are issuing a warning stating that a popular toy being sold this holiday season contains unsafe levels of asbestos.

Pat Martin and Libby Davies produced test results today showing that the CSI Fingerprint Examination Kit, a very popular toy this season, contains 5% tricolite asbestos. That form of asbestos is a particularly virile form of the fiber. Asbestos fibers in general have been named as the almost exclusive cause of mesothelioma, the deadly lung cancer.

MP Martin says that selling this toy this holiday season is the equivalent of putting razorblades in Halloween candy.

The NDP says that Canada’s currently conservative government has kept its head in the sand in regards to the dangers of asbestos and has fallen victim to industry lobbyists. Canada exports roughly 200,000 tonnes of asbestos each year. MP Davies feels that the country needs to offer a relief program to workers and shut down the entire industry.

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